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At Nutrislim Clinic we know you are passionate about life and fulfilling your true potential to become the very best version of you.  In order to feel truly body confident you may wish to optimise your nutrition, shape up & slim down.

The problem is, healthy weight management is a complex process.  It’s not about restricting food intake & pumping iron.  The media & diet fads make it sound very easy, but if you’ve ever tried to lose and maintain weight loss before, you will know that it is anything but.  The truth is, most well-known commercial programs have a dismal 3-6% success rate long term.*

We understand that jumping on & off the dieting merry-go-round is demoralising, and it can be very harmful for your psychological & your physiological health too.  That’s why at Nutrislim Clinic, our certified Health Professionals designed and deliver evidenced-based personalised nutrition & clinical weight management programs.

Stop feeling frustrated by your weight.  Optimise your health & become body confident once and for all.  Book your Discovery Call now!


Nutrislim Clinic

I can’t thank Nutrislim Clinic enough for my new lease of life!  My body confidence has soared now I’ve taken control of my weight and I can fit back into my clothes!  Thank you so much!

Jody, Surrey

What Does Nutrislim Include?

Personalised Nutrition
Food & Fitness App
Clinical Weight Loss Tools
Health Coaching


DNA Diet Testing
Functional Blood Testing
Food Intolerance Testing
Food Supplements

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If you struggle with any of these issues...

Is your weight making you miserable or negatively impacting your life?

Are you frustrated that nothing works to get the weight off?

Do you regain weight as soon as you go off plan?

Is your weight or body shape impacting your confidence?

Do you ever feel out of control around food?

Are you putting life ‘on hold’ because of weight or body image concerns?

Nutrislim Programs All Consultations & Programs are currently conducted via Zoom

SOLO 1:1 Consultation
Diet & Nutrition Assessment
Food & Nutrition
Fitness & Physical Activity
Lifestyle & Habit Change
Nutrislim App1 Month
SupportApp or Email
BESPOKE 12 Week Program
Diet & Nutrition Assessment
Food & Nutrition
Fitness & Physical Activity
Lifestyle & Habit Change
Nutrislim App3 Months
SupportWeekly Consultations
GROUP 16 Week Program
Diet & Nutrition Assessment
Food & Nutrition
Fitness & Physical Activity
Lifestyle & Habit Change
Nutrislim App4 Months
SupportWeekly Sessions


Why Choose Nutrislim?

Nutrislim Cinic Harley St offers Gold Standard, evidence-based personalised nutrition & clinical weight management plans.  Plans include a comprehensive diet & nutrition assessment, personalised food & nutrition, fitness & physical activity, eating psychology, lifestyle & habit change plus coaching support, empowering you to lose weight & maintain it forever.

What is the SOLO Consultation?

SOLO is a 60 minute 1:1 consultation with a Clinical Weight Loss Specialist, comprising a comprehensive nutrition assessment to benchmark your current diet & nutrition status. Working together you will discover personal barriers preventing you from achieving your weight loss goals.  You will gain insight into how to optimise your daily diet, maximise your nutrition, plus learn specific weight management strategies to reach your goal weight.

What is the BESPOKE Plan?

The BESPOKE Plan comprises a comprehensive 1:1 nutrition, diet & lifestyle assessment, giving you insight into your diet, nutrition and personal weight loss barriers. BESPOKE includes a 12 week structured program where you will work 1:1 with your personal weight management coach to co-create the perfect personalised plan to manage your weight forever.

What is the GROUP Plan?

The Nutrislim GROUP Plan comprises a personal nutrition, diet & lifestyle assessment, giving you insight into your own personal diet & weight loss barriers. The GROUP Plan includes a 16 week structured program where you will work together within a small group of like-minded people, plus a Nutrition & Clinical Weight Management Specialist Coach empowering you to optimise your nutrition and maximise your weight management skills.

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    Nutrislim Programs are evidence-based & operated by certified Health Professionals.  Our multidisciplinary approach covers Nutrition, Clinical Weight Loss, Health & Wellness Coaching, plus the latest behavioural & psychological approaches for weight loss & weight management.

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