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Weight management is really hard in the processed, fast food culture we live in.  It’s almost like the Food, Fitness & Diet Industries conspire together, tempting us with delicious fast, tasty foods to fatten us up, only to later sell us ‘magic‘ pills, potions & impossible fitness plans to try & lose the weight we’ve inevitably gained. However, losing weight is a very complex process. It’s not just calories in/calories out!

We have identified 7 specific areas that need to be addressed in order to conquer weight management forever.  You may not realise that most well known commercial diets have a dismal 3-6% success rate in the long term,* most likely because they only address 1, maybe 2 parts of the weight loss process.  So if you’re getting disappointing results in your quest to become slim and lean, it’s absolutely not your fault!

At Nutrislim, we empower you to reach your optimum weight, using clinically proven, highly effective techniques that have helped thousands of others.  Nutrislim truly gives you all the support & tools you need to succeed in managing your weight forever.


I can’t thank Nutrislim Clinic enough for my new lease of life!  My body confidence has soared now I’ve lost my baby weight and I can fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes!  Thank you so much!

Jody, Surrey

What Does Nutrislim Include?

Meal Plans
Personalised Nutrition
Food & Fitness App
Weight Controlling
Clinical Weight Loss Tools
Body Measuring
Health Coaching

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If you struggle with any of these issues...

Is your weight getting you down?

Are you frustrated that nothing works to get the weight off?

Do you regain weight as soon as you go off plan?

Is your weight impacting your confidence?

Do you ever feel out of control around food?

Nutrislim Programs Choose your personal level of support

SOLO Plan 1:1 Consultation
Lifestyle Assessment
EAT Plan - Food
EAT Plan - Exercise
EAT Plan - Mindset
Nutrislim App1 Month
Coaching1 x Consultation
EAT Plan 12 week plan
Lifestyle Assessment
EAT Plan - Food
EAT Plan - Exercise
EAT Plan - Mindset
Nutrislim App3 months
Coaching10 x Private Sessions
LIFE Plan Monthly Membership*
Lifestyle Assessment
EAT Plan - Food
EAT Plan - Exercise
EAT Plan - Mindset
Nutrislim App

*LIFE Plan is for graduates of the EAT Plan (additional coaching available)


Why Choose Nutrislim?

We offer Gold Standard, evidence-based, personalised clinical weight loss & wellness programs, combining nutrition, exercise, eating psychology, lifestyle, habit change & coaching, to empower you to manage your weight forever.

What is the SOLO Plan?

Solo is a 1:1 consultation, ideal for smaller weight loss goals.  Your Solo consultation will help you to discover problem areas to focus on, plus you will get access to the Nutrislim App & the Solo Plan.

What is the EAT Plan?

The EAT Plan focuses on the 3 primary components of  weight loss.  E (eating), A (activity) and T (thinking).  You’ll work with your coach to design the perfect personalised weight loss plan to fit your lifestyle.

What is the LIFE Plan?

Once you have completed the EAT Plan, you are welcome to join the LIFE Plan, a monthly membership where you can continue your weight loss journey, enjoy continued use of the Nutrislim App and learn more advanced techniques to reach/maintain your goal weight.

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